Diabetic Foot Care

​WPCN foot care is guided by the Diabetic Foot Care Clinical Pathway (from Alberta Health Services).

If you have diabetes, then our Foot Care Nurse (LPN) can take care of your feet. The Nurse will conduct a total foot health assessment for diabetic patients.

This may include nail trimmings/filings, corn/callus reduction, and management of any fungal or ingrown toenails.

When can I see the Foot Care Nurse?
Foot Care services are provided Tuesday and Wednesday from as early as 8:00 until 2:15.

How do I get in to see the Foot Care Nurse?
Visits are by appointment only and require a Wetaskiwin PCN Physician or CDM healthcare professional referral. Talk to your Doctor or health care professional today about your foot care. No self-referrals.

Additional Services Available
Patients can take advantage of the many other services available to them through the interdisciplinary team at the PCN.

Diabetic patients can also get additional health support. They can ask to make an appointment to see our:
1. Chronic Disease Management Nurse
Need help managing your diabetes? Your health? Your weight?
The CDM Nurses can answer questions about your diabetes or chronic disease, educate you, support you and help you with how to best manage your diabetes (or chronic disease).

2. Dietitian
Want to know what’s healthy to eat? How to manage your weight? How to better manage your diet? The PCN Dietitian can help you figure out what will work for you.

3. Behavioural Health Consultant 

Frustrated? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Want to make lasting change for your health? Our Behavioural Health Consultant can help you better manage the stress and situations in your life.

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For more information call 780.312.2500